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In June 2007, Hubert A.-M. Moik and Ingo Dietterle / Taipan Investments Ltd. founded the MobiDigger AG, Germany, headquartered in Garbsen/Hannover.
In May 2008 the MobiDigger, Inc. USA was founded and startet operations in January 2009. MobiDigger, Inc. is the asset holder of trademarks and patents and the operational unit for all MobiDigger services.

MobiDigger is using self-developed technology, combining proven web 2.0-technology with gateways for reaching the mobile carriers nets. Our technology is provider-, carrier- and aggregator-independent, which makes it possible to choose the best options in every country, technical and financial.
MobiDigger´s vision is to provide the (anonymous) interaction between mobile phone users, web users, companies and traditional media, independent of professional or private intents and skills.

The founders and the management members of MobiDigger include experienced entrepreneurs, successful sales professionals, creative marketing experts -- creator and chief evangelist of the idea is Hubert A.-M. Moik (41), a serial entrepreneur since 1993, founded companies in sports- and entertainment marketing and licensing, in the telco-market since 1998, formerly Audiofon-Group, MD Data Storm Systems GmbH, MD Inside M2M GmbH (all Germany) which he has sold in early 2007 to a Siemens-OEM.

The marketing team is formed by Michael Kröber (49), marketing: entrepreneur, formerly Bertelsmann, Lycos, WAZ-Group, Superserv; Robert Glatzel (49), marketing: Entrepreneur , for 20 years now in advertising-business, et al.: VEBA, Raab Karcher, 3M and Mazda.

Our sales team is lead by Whitney Sales, formerly Moby, Inc. and LoopNet, Inc. and a successful coach at the California Leadership Center.
Media & PR is lead by Shawna Barabas, formerly, FusionStorm, Inc., AccessFlow; Inc. and Mongonet, Inc..
Whitney and Shawna welcome your inquiries and are available through our contact form «
or toll-free by phone: +1 877 572 4867.


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