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About Mobidigger


1 out of 6 women (1 of 19 men) in the US experience stalking in their lifetime!

Your identity is exposed every time you send a text message or email and millions of spam messages are sent to phones.

MobiDigger hides your mobile phone # and email address behind an alias and prohibits spamming and stalking, no software/app is needed. Users can have multiple identities and decide how long they remain anonymous, keeping their privacy. In Addition advertisers will experience a higher interest and ROI with their campaigns because targeted users’ privacy is protected when they opt in. MobiDiggers’ services don’t rely on smart phone technology and can be used with any mobile phone. You will take back your mobile identity with Mobidigger.


1.4 million people are stalked every year in the United States!


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Stalking methods are used by phone, mail, social networks and in person.



MobiDigger, Inc. has been founded in May of 2008. MobiDigger is using self-developed technology, combining with proven web 2.0-technology with gateways for reaching mobile carrier nets. Our technology is provider-, carrier- and aggregator-independent.


MobiDigger's vision is to provide (anonymous) interaction between mobile phone users, web users, businesses and traditional media, independent of professional or private intents and skills.


The founders and members of the MobiDigger management team include experienced entrepreneurs, successful sales professionals, and creative marketing experts. The individuals that make up the management team are as follows: Hubert A.-M. Moik (44): Creator and chief evangelist of the idea, Hubert has been an entrepreneur with multiple ventures to his credit since 1993. He has founded companies in sports and entertainment, marketing and licensing, and in the telecommunication market and lead them as Managing Director in Germany: In 1993 he founded Inmark and worked as a partner of Amblin Entertainment for Jurassic Park, in 1998 Planetlive (sold to Audiofon Group), 2000 Data Storm Systems (sold to Corvus Group), 2004 Inside M2M (sold in early 2007 to a Siemens-OEM).

Michael Kroeber (53): In charge of marketing, Michael is an entrepreneur, who formerly worked Bertelsmann, Lycos, WAZ-Group, and Superserv.

Robert Glatzel (53): In charge of marketing, Robert has been and entrepreneur for 20 years in the advertising-business, et al.: VEBA, Raab Karcher, 3M, and Mazda.


Hubert is also a partner at GO Silicon Valley and on the board of Meet & Eat.


Our advisors, investors and friends of MobiDigger are experienced German and Silicon Valley angels and professionals. Among others you'll find Greg Kidd (first round investor and advisor of Twitter, Square, Twillio and others), Peter Kent (Aurora systems, Stanford) and Norbert Baier (BA of the year in Germany).



Contact Info

Phone: +1 650 743 9179

MobiDigger, Inc.

405 Alberto Way, Suite B

Los Gatos 95032, USA


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  1. Your Nickname must be between 4 and 20 characters long.
  2. You can use letters, numbers and “-“ and “_” and “.”.
  3. Short Nicknames are easier to remember.
  4. Nicknames are not case sensitive.
  5. You can use your name, a current nickname, a company or club name, an event or campaign, or a location or landmark

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What is it?





What is it?


  • MobiDigger is the “Domain Name Service” for the cell phone system.
  • Assign a nickname to your cell phone number and never give out your actual number again.
  • Remain in close contact with anyone you choose while still maintaining your privacy and protecting your identity.
  • Unwanted messages can be blocked at any time without changing your name or number, making this the perfect spam filter for your cell phone.
  • Leave no trace: Your cell phone bill will only show a text to or from our shortcode:  TXT: 32075
  • We will never reveal any further details about your communications without your consent.
  • Receive barcoded coupons and event tickets on your phone. The bar codes can be scanned right off the display without the need for any specialized equipment.
  • It works with any SMS/text messaging capable cell phone!
  • Your mobile number is safe with MobiDigger!
  • At MobiDigger we connect people who want, or need, to communicate on the move but don't want to pass their privacy.
  • If someone wants to get in touch, he/she can send you a message, but they don't have your number.

Why you should use it?


  • MobiDigger protects your privacy: For the person you want to get in touch with mobilely but don’t want to give your phone number to.
  • MobiDigger keeps your network up to date: Are you a person who changes their phone number regularly? Update your contact information from your phone, or online (at, and you’ll never lose touch again.
  • MobiDigger simplifies your group activities: Do you have a group that you need to keep informed but sending individual texts doesn’t make sense.
  • MobiDigger is the Domain Name Service for the cell phone system. Simply put, it allows you to remain in close contact with anyone you choose without ever giving out your actual phone number. A subscription to MobiDigger lets you trade that cumbersome cell phone number for a nickname of your choosing, with which you can send, receive and block SMS messages from other users and guests. No one will ever know your actual identity and no record of your communications will ever show up on your phone bill. Now, you can keep the laid-back convenience of SMS while still protecting your identity from stalkers, scammers and identity thieves.
  • The easiest phone number to remember is the nickname you pick for yourself. And now, thanks to MobiDigger, it’s the last one you ever have to give out. Do you have several phone numbers or does your number change often? Maybe you have multiple email addresses plus an IM, Skype*, Facebook*, and a Twitter* etc. account? If it’s hard for you to keep track of it all, imagine how your friends and clients must feel. MobiDigger can simply your life, and theirs, by providing one simple and easy-to-remember nickname that can be linked to any SMS-capable cell phone. Best of all, when and if your number changes, it takes mere minutes to update your account settings and return to full productivity.

       * The product names used in this web site are for identification purposes only. All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their

          respective owners.

   How do you use it?


    1:   Choose a nickname for your new mobile address.

    2:   Use our simple automated registration form to link your new nickname to your cell phone number.

    3:   Done! You can start receiving messages from other Diggers or from Guests.*

*A temporary guest account (five free received messages) is automatically created when a new user sends a message.


   Membership details: MobiDigger is free until MAY 2018!


  • Send as many messages as you want
  • Receive 10 messages per month (purchase an additional 50 for only $3.95 or 100 for $6.95)
  • Join sponsor groups for additional incentives:  Coupons, Tickets, Complimentary message bundles


   From JUNE 2018 on: All this for $0.99 per month ($11.88/year) OR

   $ 9.95 per month in our MobiDating Program!


Sue, a dating single who has been out of college for a couple years, says this about MobiDigger:


“It was so easy to meet people when I was in school. There were always events and parties in which to meet other cool people. Now that I’m working full time, my options for dating are pretty limited. I just don’t have the time to get to know someone before letting them know I’m interested. All too often, I give out my number before I really should and take a chance that things will work out. And once in a while I end up with some creepy guy who won’t stop calling me. But with MobiDigger, I just give them my nickname, which is much easier to remember than a phone number, and if things don’t work out, I simply block them.”


Jason, a chiropractor and personal trainer, uses MobiDigger to reach new clients and dispense

advice on injuries and exercise.


“We use MobiDigger to attract clients (that would traditionally shy away from chiropractors) by offering free advice by SMS for common sports and exercise related injuries. Many people have misconceptions about chiropractic treatment; its perceived risks and benefits. Properly done, it can alleviate many minor musculoskeletal ailments and head off problems before they progress to the need for medical intervention. When someone at the gym or field needs advice, they simply send us a text message and within a few minutes we can get back to them with our best assessment and recommendation. If needed, we can set up an appointment at one of our clinics and have them on the road to recovery in no time.”


Paul, owner of Hamachi Steak House, uses MobiDigger to find new clients and inform them of daily specials through SMS advertising.


“The restaurant I opened had everything going for it except a location that generated a lot of foot traffic. As a result, attracting new clients turned out to be a real challenge and I started to see a slow and steady decline in revenue. Traditional forms of advertising were simply out of reach for our meager budget and limited resources. I needed a solution that didn’t take up too much of my time and was reasonably priced; and I found it in MobiDigger. We now send out coupons for our daily specials by SMS and offer complimentary food and drinks to anyone who refers new customers. MobiDigger makes this easy with their barcoded coupon system. Whenever someone redeems a coupon, we know exactly where they got it from, and who to thank for the new business.”

Partnership Opportunities


  • We are partnering with companies, organizations and individuals to enrich our communities and provide them with the best service possible
  • Mobilize Your Social Network!
  • Reach your Target Audience!
  • Build your own mobile community!
  • SMS Advertising with Location Based Services – the next generation of mobile marketing
  • Barcoding capability with any SMS capable phone – no web enabled smartphones with expensive data plans necessary
  • Capability for tracking effectiveness of advertising campaigns – instant feedback on what works and what doesn’t
  • Fully customizable advertising and promotional campaigns – we work with you to build the interface and define the functionality


To learn more: Contact us here ...




FAQ General

FAQ Messaging


Therms & Privacy


Partnership Opportunities


  • We are partnering with companies, organizations and individuals to enrich our communities and provide them with the best service possible
  • Mobilize Your Social Network!
  • Reach your Target Audience!
  • Build your own mobile community!
  • SMS Advertising with Location Based Services – the next generation of mobile marketing
  • Barcoding capability with any SMS capable phone – no web enabled smartphones with expensive data plans necessary
  • Capability for tracking effectiveness of advertising campaigns – instant feedback on what works and what doesn’t
  • Fully customizable advertising and promotional campaigns – we work with you to build the interface and define the functionality


To learn more: Contact us here ...

What is MobiDigger?


Mobidigger is the revolutionary way for the world to communicate. You can text anyone with a username via cellphone and keep your phone number private now. The text service allows anyone on any service the ability to text! You can own the name of anything you want on this service.

Our service offers mobile addresses and provides immediate, personal and safe relationships for mobile people and advertisers.

MobiDigger is naming mobile phone numbers via a mobile messaging system, using a shortcode , which brings a nickname/address to your conventional, existing mobile phone. You do not have to buy a new phone, keep your existing. No download necessary, just take out your phone, text and take part!


Is MobiDigger really safe?

Yes, Be safe, when you date the new guy you have seen at the bar. Keep your privacy in a classified ad selling your old bike. Let advertisers not know your phone number and stopp other ones sending you text messages, if you do not want them to text you anymore. Have fun and decide for yourself, if and when to tell people your private data, phone number or email address. Mobidigger is masking your name in the messaging process: Anyone in the system sees only your Digger name and you will see only his/hers.

We know your and all diggers cell phone numbers and keeping it secret and safe on our servers. We NEVER sell or publish these to anybody, regardless of private or commercial intentions!


How much does MobiDigger cost?

MobiDigger is currently offering an introductory trial offer for a limited time. Mobidigger even makes the cost ridiculously affordable.

You pay 99 cents a month to signup, only $11,88 a year. Make sure to tell your friends about this excellent opportunity.


How do I send a message to a digger?

Take out your mobile phone. Open the text editor to write a SMS/text message. Receiver is (store this number as MobiDigger in your contact list). Write to a digger: DIG USERNAME your message. Thats it! Example: DIG Hubert Hello Hubert, how are you?


How do I read messages? How do I receive a message from a digger?

Messages are both located in your profile inbox and you will receive them as text message on your cell phone. You will receive it from MobiDigger (store this number as MobiDigger in your contact list) and all messages start with the senders username. Example: Hubert: Oh, I am good. How are you.


How did someone get my mobile number?

Personal Mobile phone Data has been sold to advertisers by many companies and organisations who you may have had contact and business dealings with. And: did you ever publish your number on the web? On Craigslist for instance? In the "casual encounters" category or somewhere else...


Why do companies buy my phone number?

Simple. To send you messages and call you, exactly like spam mails. To sell you stuff and services. To make money – and lots of it!


Surely these companies cannot be allowed to do this?

A lot of them are ‘treading the boundaries’ of safety and privacy. Unfortunately technology advances faster than the law.


Will my Child’s phone number be sold to a company?

Probably, yes. Children frequently use their mobile ‘phones to text and retrieve game ‘codes’ and ring tones etc.. Your child’s mobile phone information is likely to have been sold already. Also your child may now be using a previous family members phone which was sold.


What if a Paedophile obtains my Child’s telephone number from a website like a classified ad site or a social networking site?

Paedophiles tend to contact children pretending to be children themselves – this is known as ‘grooming’. We recommend that your child uses a safe 'nickname'.


What benefit do you get from offering this service?

We will charge 99 cents / month for the nickname from October 2011 on. You have to pay this or you can subscribe to an a group and receive advertising messages. But in our service advertisers only get the nickname and you can unsubsribe by simply texting BLOCK XYZ-Advertiser. Done.


How much will it cost a Lunatic or Serial Killer to get my number from a website with classified ads or a social network?

Some time or some geek knowledge to write a program which crawls the website and collects the numbers.


How many people are currently listed on MobiDigger?

Currently (Sep., 22th, 2011) approx. 4,000,000 and it is growing daily!


Im really worried about the privacy - What can I do?

Make your number safe now! Subscribe here and choose your nickname!


Corporate Responsebility


RESPECT is our guideline. RESPECT makes people proud. RESPECT is the first step to friendship.

MobiDigger has a simple, clear and non-negiotanable code of conduct:


1. We And Our Users, The Community Of Diggers, Respect Each Others Privacy: We never invade your personal life or data. Our users and customers are the master of their data, they decide, if, when and to whom they are open.


2. We Serve Our Users:

We help. Anything what´s possible to help - we do it.


3. We Act Responsible, Take Action, Where Necessary, And Respect Each Other: We are a part of this world, of our community. We want to take part. As a company and as persons we give our best to envolve social efforts. We are partnering with charities to support their causes, which offer a new community of healing and hope for young people suffering from chronic trauma. Our youth are in crisis due to experienced and witnessed violence in the home and on the streets. Help them eliminate violence from within their own lives and their community by walking them through a multi-stop healing process.

We are hiring great people from the community. To know more about this, please [ contact us ].


4. We Preserve Confidentiality For Our Diggers:

As privacy, confidentiality is part of the inherent idea of MobiDigger. Whatever we find out, whatever is told us as a private information, we keep it confidential under the law.


5. We And Our Users, The Community Of Diggers, Protect Our and Others Assets And Intellectual Property:

We are not infringing other people´s or companies? assets. If we like to use something, we ask and ait for allowance.


6. We Obey the Law:

Under any circumstances we are acting lawful.


7. We And Our Users, The Community Of Diggers, Are Having A Good Time and Try To Offer This To All People:

We party, we dance, we cheer. And we invite all people to join us.


8. We And Our Users, The Community Of Diggers, Solve Conflicts Or Problems In A Respectful, Creative Way:

Under any circumstances we are acting respectful. We listen to you. We will find a solution.




MobiDigger <> Imprint


MobiDigger, Inc.

405 Alberto Way, Suite B

Los Gatos 95032, USA


CEO & President:

Hubert A.-M. Moik



Hubert A.-M. Moik,

Ingo Dietterle,

Peter Kent


Registered in Delaware





"My Name Is My Number"



Mobidiggers' software and business methods are patent pending.

All other trademarks and logos are properties of the owners.


Other Rights:

Any kind of publishing of texts and media from this website is strictly forbidden.